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Editorial: “Attrition” becoming favored tactic of anti-immigration forces

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It seems that the stalling of the DREAM¬† Act is one more example demonstrating that with mass deportation off the table as an option, and with measures to deputize local law enforcement and put in place regulations intended to force mass firings the undocumented being resisted (at times successfully),¬† those segments of society who wish to dramatically curtail immigration have turned to attrition as the strategy of choice. By thwarting all efforts to put in place fixes for the numerous shortcomings in our present immigration system, and by making it as hard as possible for those who are out of status to live their lives, those opposed to immigration hope to force the undocumented to “voluntarily” depart the United States en masse. Need more proof that this is the mentality? Check out the comments of such magnanimous souls as Pat Buchanan

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