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Firm Overview

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Note on the National Scope of US Immigration Laws

The Law Office of James E. Pittman, while located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is available to represent clients no matter where they may be located. United States Immigration Law is federal (national) in scope and is based on the Immigration and National Act (”INA”). The doctrine of federal pre-emption prevents states or local governments from passing laws which affect the immigration status of individuals. A consequence of this federal framework is that an immigration attorney may represent a client before the Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration Courts in any state.

Style of Practice and Firm Philosophy
Mr. Pittman emphasizes personal attentiveness to the client, keeping communication with the client open, clear, and ongoing throughout the progress of the case. He understands that the immigration process is often very stressful for the client and that clients require support at each stage. If you become a client you will be kept informed of developments in your case in a timely and detailed manner. Mr. Pittman observes high ethical standards and takes pains to all details which may influence the outcome of the case to the client. He understands that the present climate in the US immigration system is characterized by swift change and controversy and that solving the client’s problems requires a persistent and creative approach. Accordingly, a priority is attached to remaining current up to the minute about legislative and administrative changes. Mr. Pittman strives to be on the cutting edge in using office technology and the internet to practice immigration law.

Visa Services and Basic Overview of US Visa Categories

The United States has a large variety of visas, each for a distinct purpose, including
immigrant (“green card”) visas and non-immigrant visas. This assortment of visas may seem like a jumble of letters and numbers (“alphabet soup”) to those first
encountering the system. It requires a competent immigration
practitioner to advise a client for which visa categories the client
may be eligible. When a client may be eligible to apply for more than
one type of visa, the choice of which visa to seek is a strategic issue
which may have long-range consequences. While it is by no means a
complete list, some of the most frequently requested US visas appear
below under the general headings of persons to whom they pertain. This
information is only intended as a very general overview and does not
constitute legal advice to be followed in a given set of circumstances.
After researching your immigration situation thoroughly, Mr. Pittman is
pleased to explain to you in detail at a consultation which visa you
should seek.